The benefit of traditional accounting professionals

The latest edition of “Accounting Principles 12th Edition” is edited for students who are seeking a basic understanding in accounting concepts and principles. The text book can be used as an advanced teaching tool for students who are in their junior or senior years in high school or their first year in college or equivalent college preparatory course study.

The Accounting Principles 12th text book could be used as the underline study material for students who not only have chosen accounting as a profession but who seek a career in finance, banking, or even law. The text is also recommended for those who are seeking to start their own businesses and for those who already own businesses or are investors.

The benefit to non traditional accounting professionals is that basic concepts of money management as well as terminology used in the financial field are clearly explained. This will enable these individuals to have a greater understanding of financial reports, corporate financial statements, audit reports and balance sheets, among other financial based documents. As a further example, professionals such as attorneys and doctors will find Accounting Principles 12th text book helpful as they invoice their clients as well as prepare their quarterly tax filings.

The text is comprehensive in content to be a good reference text. Accounting professionals in a number of fields including tax preparation, corporate invoice and even basic inventory will find the text useful in addressing issues such as terminology and best practices.

Candidates for accounting examinations will also find the Accounting Principles 12th Edition text helpful in their exam preparation. The text book can be considered to sufficiently cover the common core of accounting and can be used to prepare for various types of accounting examinations as well as for examinations for those preparing for careers in auditing, tax preparation, financial consultation, stock market trading and other financial services professions.

While the text is written in english, it can be easily translated into several languages. The math used in the accounting examples in the book can be transferable to any language.

The text is also a good reference book for investors. Equity investors looking to invest into shares of companies or directly in to a business ownership percentage need a basic understand of how cash flow works and how income and expenses need to be memorialized for record keeping purposes. The Accounting Principles 12th Edition is not an investment consultation text but it does provide the basic terminology for the reader or investor to use in understanding cash flow issues relating to a business or an investment.

The text is written in a manner which is easily read. The text includes examples of accounting problems for the student to resolve using basic account principles and references the best practices in accounting current with the publishing of the 12th Edition. As stated earlier the age range for readers can be from late high school to early college but the text is a good reference book for all adult age individuals.