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human-bodyFor people who want their eyelashes to stand out or who may be tired of putting on makeup day in and day out, there are Russian volume eyelash extensions to help them out. Russian volume eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and have helped many people who may have not been blessed with a full voluminous set of eyelashes be able to partake of the confidence that they can bring.

How Do They Work?

Some people may wonder or think that the process is painful, but it is a smooth and straightforward process that allows relaxation during the application. When a professional does the application, the whole experience is one where the client can even get some rest. As they have to have their eyes closed during the application, many people end up falling to sleep, so it is a beneficial time in more ways than one.

The application typically takes about an hour or more for a full set of volume eyelashes. The way it works is that the eyelash technician applies each and every lash individually with a special glue that is used specifically for eyelash extension application. As one could imagine, it takes time to apply a single lash to ensure that the result is perfect.

After the full set of eyelash extensions are applied, the professional will ask the client to keep their eyes closed for a few minutes so that the lashes have time to dry and to ensure that they don’t fall. During the first 24 hours, most eyelash stylists will ask that the client doesn’t wash their face and avoids using makeup.

Full immersion in water, whether in a pool or shower, can cause some of the lashes to fall off. Russian volume eyelash extensions typically last up to a couple of weeks, but for some people who exercise care and caution, they can last even up to a month.

Why Choose Volume Lash Extensions?

There are different styles, sizes, and types of eyelash extensions to choose from. Whether someone wants lengths or they are looking for just a light touch of extra lashes, the possibilities are endless, just as one’s eyelashes can be.

The reason why volume lash extensions are a favorite is because they can bring out the eyes like nothing else can. Those who are born with sparse lashes or those who have naturally light lashes love the dramatic effect that they provide and the way that one doesn’t even have to use makeup when using applied extensions.

Those who want volume lash extensions can choose the amount that they want. From very thick and luscious lashes to lashes that “fill in the spaces,” there is no limit to what can be done. While most eyelash extension professionals will suggest a certain amount that looks natural, a client can choose up to eight lashes to the ratio of one natural eyelash. This means that if someone wants eye-catching eyelashes, they can.