Online platform that offers customisable education

digital-learningThe WileyPLUS Learning Space is an online platform that offers customisable education for both teachers and students by putting the tools for learning directly into their hands. While teachers are provided with a way to organise and track their courses, students are encouraged to take charge of their own education with individualised study plans. Through WileyPLUS, students now have access to materials that respond specifically to their progress, thus causing them to gain greater confidence in their learning abilities as they view the obvious correlation between incorrect answers, immediate correction and learning engagement, and improved grades. Teachers report that this type of instant feedback has enabled their students to improve their critical thinking skills and has helped to create a more active and engaged classroom within the WileyPLUS Learning Space.

The functionality of WileyPLUS offers great benefits to both teachers and students. On the teaching side, WileyPLUS allows for automation of assignments, simplifying the work required to keep track of assigned tasks, completed work, and grading. Teachers can accommodate learning disabilities and address a variety of learning styles by supplementing their lessons with additional resources ranging from digital textbooks, MP3 downloads, PowerPoint presentations, animations, demonstration problems, and their own materials. As the WileyPLUS Learning Space shows both the teachers and the students what the students’ progress is throughout the course, teachers can quickly assess if a student is struggling, address the issue with targeted instructions, and ensure the student has access to helpful supplemental material. Teachers who have used WileyPLUS are thrilled to see an increase in student involvement, more dynamic and targeted class discussion, and improved student grades.

From the student perspective, WileyPLUS minimizes academic pressure by providing complete access to the digital textbook (no more excuses for forgotten or misplaced books), study aids, and progress tracking via their personal gradebook. Students can work on assignments on their own schedule with the ability to save work and return later, while also receiving real-time feedback when taking tests: a question marked wrong will be immediately corrected and the integrated multimedia platform will provide links to the correct answer in the textbook and other linked materials. This customisable learning experience creates a more receptive mindset in the student, as they receive aids such as personalised study guides based on their own progress. Students praise the platform for its usability, preferring to login when they want, operate within a familiar digital interface, and explore a greater range of material due to its immediate accessibility.

By putting the power of information in the hands of the user, WileyPLUS Learning Space empowers students to take charge of their own education while helping teachers create a linear teaching method that allows for greater specificity in response to students’ needs. With the plethora of educational resources, WileyPLUS also provides a more cost-effective option to the hardcopy product. This research-based digital platform has a record of increased student success, inspired teaching methods, and greater overall classroom engagement, making WileyPlus Learning Space the very best integrated educational resource